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STD Testing Specialist

Hiwet Clinic Primary Care

Primary Care Practice located in Houston, TX

Some sexually transmitted diseases can lead to infertility, and some don’t even present symptoms, so you might not even know you have it. At Hiwet Clinic Primary Care in Houston, Texas, the diligent medical group provides in-office STD testing to help put your mind at ease or to give you effective treatment if needed. Your sexual wellness and reproductive health is a top priority, and you can expect confidential, discreet, and efficient care at Hiwet Clinic Primary Care. Walk in, call the office, or simply schedule online today.

STD Testing Q & A

What is a sexually transmitted disease?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are health conditions that are typically transmitted through sex without proper protection. Some STDs, such as hepatitis, can be contracted through blood.

During your visit, your Hiwet Clinic Primary Care provider discusses the available methods that can protect you against STDs and offers STD testing. The sooner you can detect an STD and receive treatment, the less likely you are to develop complications.

It’s essential for you to receive more frequent STD tests if you’re sexually active with multiple partners.

What are some of the most common STDs?

Some of the most prevalent STDs are:

  • Gonorrhea
  • Chlamydia
  • HIV
  • Genital herpes
  • Hepatitis
  • Genital warts
  • Trichomoniasis


Chlamydia occurs when certain bacteria infect the genital tract.


Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection of the genital tract that can develop in the eyes, throat, anus, and mouth.


Trichomoniasis is a common STD caused by a microscopic single-celled parasite that typically infects the vagina or urinary tract.


HIV is a viral infection that can cause damage to your immune system over time.

What are the different types of STD testing?

Various types of quality testing are available at Hiwet Clinic Primary Care, such as: 

  • Biopsies
  • Blood tests
  • Swabs
  • Urine samples

You can take certain STD tests at home, but professional testing at Hiwet Clinic Primary Care is a more accurate and reliable way of testing that also gives you the support and expertise of a medical professional with extensive knowledge of STDs.

What are the advantages of STD testing?

Hiwet Clinic Primary Care provides STD testing due to its many benefits. STD testing should be a key part of your overall preventive health care plan because it can help you take care of your reproductive health.

Since many STDs don’t have symptoms, and you might not even be aware you’re infected, an STD test is the only way to find out for sure. As soon as you know you have an STD, you can promptly seek the right treatment.

Hiwet Clinic Primary Care offers a variety of treatments for STDs, including antivirals, antibiotics, and other medications, as well as valuable education on the proper precautions you can take to protect your reproductive health and help prevent STDs in the future. 

Dire complications can happen if some STDs aren’t properly treated, such as infertility. Most STD tests can be quickly performed in the office.

Book your appointment and learn more about STDs by clicking, calling, or walking into Hiwet Clinic Primary Care today.